I\’m Too Sexy for My Master\’s Thesis

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Posted in jewish legion,thesis by Rae on 2 May 2006

I might be too sexy for my Master's thesis, but I still have to write the darn thing. Which is not to say that I'm not interested in my topic, because I am. Totally. Let's just say that there are things that I'm more interested in lately. Getting paid for my work is one of those things, but writing my thesis is not work that I get paid for.

Money aside, my topic is so interesting that I'm having a difficult time settling the exact focus. Some of that has to do with research (I can't write about it if there aren't primary documents out there to support it), but mostly I'm just scared to pick something and stick with it. Enough dilly-dallying, you say? Fine, my topic is the Jewish Legion.

Soldiers of the Jewish Legion

The Jewish Legion was the unofficial name of three Jewish regiments that served in the British army from 1917-1918. But not just any Jewish regiments. These were regiments comprised of British and non-British Jews (Russians, Palestinians, Americans, Canadians, etc.). I had initially hoped to write my thesis on the Zion Mule Corps, which was a transport unit of Palestinian and Russian Jews that served on the British side of the disasterous Gallipoli campaign (also during WWI), but there just wasn't enough info on that to produce a 100-page thesis. So, I expanded the topic to include the Jewish Legion (many of the Muleteers later served in the Legion). At first I wanted to focus on recruitment, and then I thought about focusing on the Christian Zionist motivations of the non-Jews who were crucial to the creation of the Jewish Legion. Now I'm thinking about focusing on the life and role of Col. J. H. Patterson, the Irish Protestant commander of the Zion Mule Corps and Jewish Legion. All of these sub-topics are equally interesting to me, so it's really a matter of finding enough material to produce the aforementioned 100 pages.

How'd you figure out your thesis/dissertation topic?


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  1. yoshe said,

    i won’t have to write one. but have no question that my capstone project will have 100 pages. still, if i did have to write a thesis, i would have the same problem as you. but how could you possibly be distracted in the southern town of which you spoke earlier? lol.

  2. Rachel said,

    I had the option of taking a non-thesis track in my field, but that doesn’t make sense for me because I plan to continue with doctoral studies at some point. Plus, writing vs an exam? Please.

    My bro-in-law had to defend a thesis project and put together a 60-page book for his Master’s in Architecture. For my hubby, S, each law school class was a mini-hell, so there was no big project at the end. Although, if he wants to practice law in the U.S., he’ll have to pass the bar. In my view of things, his law school’s been beating him up for three years now and the state gets to give one final kick in the groin. That’s probably why I’m not in law school.

  3. Lauren Brody-Hyett said,

    My great grandfather who I am named after served in the Jewish Legion. There is so little information about this and my family would really love some more information as we have a lot of questions. Would it be possible to read your thesis? Hi name was Hayim Simon Cohen (It was Kagan but was changed to Cohen). He came to the U.S. around the age of 15 and then joined up through Canada we beleive. He was given an honor in Israle in 1967 and was too ill to go so my grandma went in his place. Thank you, Lauren

    • Rae said,

      Hi Lauren! My thesis is available online for anyone to read. Here’s a link to the PDF: https://jewishlegion.files.wordpress.com/2006/11/rjkg_thesis.pdf I haven’t yet done a search to see if your great-grandfather is mentioned, but I hope you’ll find something useful! Good luck with your quest.

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