I\’m Too Sexy for My Master\’s Thesis

super sexy wednesday 2

Posted in Uncategorized by Rae on 17 May 2006

Another site that will turn the webpage of your choice into a PDF file. (via Library Stuff)


Ever come across quotes that are worth saving and sharing? Well, my father sent me this one last year, and I saved it for such a day as this (and such a reader as you).


Steve Pavlina has written a bunch of motivational/productivity articles. They tend to leave me feeling overwhelmed and a bit inadequate, but this one on overcoming procrastination has several useful tips.


The Shifting Paradigm of Scholarly Publishing. (via Open Access News)


In April, a grad student announced a cover design competition for his dissertation. The entries are in and it's time to head to the polls to vote. (via Foreword)


History Carnival 31 is up at Airminded.


How To Proofread Your Own Writing. Alternatively, you can hire a proofreader/copyeditor like moi (though sadly I can't accept more work until mid-July).


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