I\’m Too Sexy for My Master\’s Thesis

super sexy wednesday 6

Posted in scholarship by Rae on 14 June 2006

Not exactly academe-related, but here ya go anyway: Rock, Paper, Scissors – a new form of alternative dispute resolution?


The 9th International Symposium on Electronic Theses and Dissertations just wrapped up a few days ago. You can find out a bit about what went on over at digitizationblog, and I'm sure we'll be hearing more about it in the coming weeks from others.


Academic boycott of Israel cancelled.


You've probably already heard or read about the decision in Florida regarding "revisionist" history. Here's the article from the Los Angeles Times. But, The Elfin Ethicist points out that some of the article is misleading.

And now that we're on the subject of Florida, you should know that a Florida law now bars state academics from studying in six countries. The Sun-Sentinel has an op-ed about it: One-note policies harm scholarship. (via Open Access News)


And now that we're on the subject of hindering scholarship, check out this New Yorker article about James Joyce's grandson. (via Father Inch)


On June 5, Oxford University Press hosted an Open Access Workshop. Presentations from the workshop are now available online.


Academic Commons wants your writing:

Summer is nearly is upon us. Before we all head for the beach (or into the morass of some interminable system "upgrade"), this is a perfect time to reflect on the past academic year. We suspect that somewhere on your campus, someone did something interesting with technology in the service of liberal education. We want to uncover those stories of innovation, and to share reflections on how these innovations worked (…or didn't). We are also interested in more theoretical thought pieces that tackle some of the larger, important issues that surround our domain.


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