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Posted in history,scholarship by Rae on 21 June 2006

Ah, Wikipedia. Wiki here, Wiki there, Wiki everywhere.


The Association of American University Presses' annual meeting took place last week. Two takes: Jennifer Howard (The Chronicle) and Scott McLemee (Inside Higher Ed).


Beyond Google: What Next for Publishing?:

Going forward, our work must take a more experimental turn. We need to get serious about developing online publications that allow students to freely explore the vast array of content and tools available through the World Wide Web, while still allowing an appropriate level of guidance concerning how to select and evaluate the sources that they find. And we must look at methods to deliver and store content in ways that allow students to use their remote devices to access it and that work through and enhance the online communities where they spend so much of their time.

Kate Wittenberg, the director of the Electronic Publishing Initiative at Columbia, wrote this article. She makes several good points, though she seems to be avoiding the open access elephant.

(via Open Access News)


Sleepy Hollow:

"We are living in a commercial world that goes 24/7,” says Michael McNeil, coordinator of the Health Empowerment Office at Temple University. “My colleagues in higher education may not like this, but we’re fostering procrastination and cramming — time management skills should be put first.”

Imagine how twilight-zone-like the world would be if we all managed our time well.


The House Appropriations Committee Directs NIH to Ensure Tax-Funded Medical Research is Freely Available in Agency’s Online Archive. As Peter Suber points out, "This is big."


Tomorrow's Professor Blog has a review of Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by that Gladwell dude.


The American Presidents Blog has the latest History Carnival.


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