I\’m Too Sexy for My Master\’s Thesis

no super sexy wednesday 9

Posted in history,scholarship by Rae on 5 July 2006

No time for super sexy Wednesday this week, but here’s something to hold you over:

Nahum Sokolow shared the following anecdote with Vladimir Jabotinsky. The event described took place not much more than a decade before World War I and is recorded in Jabotinsky’s book, The Story of the Jewish Legion:

In 1901, after the Fourth Congress in London, he [Sokolow] went for a rest to a health resort in Switzerland. There he became acquainted with a Scotch lord and in the course of their conversation mentioned to him that he had been at the Zionist Congress.

“Oh, yes,” said milord. “Zionism, very interesting. If I am not mistaken, my brother also belongs to this movement or, at any rate, to something very close to it.”

Sokolow was astounded. The nobleman was a devout Catholic; seemingly, his brother also. What did this mean? He began tactfully to ask questions, and soon it became clear that milord’s brother was—a vegetarian. Zionism, vegetarianism—for outsiders in the year 1901, it was “the same” movement, or “something very close to it.”


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