I\’m Too Sexy for My Master\’s Thesis


Posted in scholarship by Rae on 14 September 2006

The History Enthusiast has a great post on homeschooling:

I firmly believe that my homeschool background has dramatically impacted my scholarly interests and achievements and turned me into the academic that I am (cliche, I know, but true). I have no regrets about being homeschooled, and there are a number of reasons why homeschooling can be beneficial.

I think I’ve mentioned before that I was homeschooled. As was my husband. Sure, our level of success is partly due to our own talents and personalities, but we also attribute it to having been homeschooled. Though I think the old homeschooling stereotypes will be around for a while, but it’s good to know that more positive opinions are coming to light.


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  1. Wilson said,

    I have mixed opinions of my homeschool education, but I am sure that it abetted my academic tendencies. In any case, I seem to be doing reasonably well so far, if I do say so myself.

  2. Kristen said,

    Thanks for linking to my blog! And yes, we do have an insane number of things in common…it really is a small world!

  3. Rachel said,

    Wow. The homeschoolers are coming out of the woodwork! We’re everywhere!

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