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Jewish pirates

Posted in history by Rae on 21 September 2006

I may have missed Talk Like A pirate Day by a few days, but it’s never too late for an article on Jewish pirates. (via Patahistory)


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  1. lotusgreen said,

    lafitte was a jew??? who knew!!! i feel so proud!

  2. Liz Milner said,

    In the Jewish Cemetary in Bridgetown, Barbados there are some 17th Century graves with the skull and crossbones on them which seems to indicate that these were the remains of Jewish pirates.

  3. Rae said,

    Your comment got me thinking, Liz, so I did a little digging. I found out that the skull and crossbones are traditional symbols long-used in Spanish cemeteries. Originally they used actual skulls and bones. Also, the Jolly Roger didn’t come into use until 1700 or so. So, it doesn’t seem likely that those Jews were of the pirate variety. But thanks for your comment! Without it, I never would have known all that neat stuff!

  4. Liz Milner said,

    Thanks for your comment. “Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean” would have made a great movie though.

  5. Dr. Wade A. Morgan said,

    Please look at this website re “Jewish pirates”. I am a Freemason and was asked to research the subject of graves from an apparent Jewish cemetry which had skull and crossbones on the graves.This graveyard was recently discovered at the back of the premises owned bu a liquor distillery, ironic?


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